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The Ripper

The Ripper


With an excellent swimming style action that has great side-to-side “wiggling” movement when retrieved both fast or slow, the Ripper’s ribbed body and boot style tail make it a super bait for fishing in all bodies of water.

Matching large profile baitfish, the fat body of the bait makes a great rip jigging bait that triggers reaction strikes as it falls. The Ripper is deadly on trophy gamefish such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye and northern pike. Proven on numerous trophy fish, in over two years of field testing, this bait is a winner!

Check out our Stinger Rigs that are designed to be used with these amazing baits.



3.5 Inch - 7 Per Order

6 Inch - 1 Per Order

We cannot guarantee the Glow quality in all colors. It typically works best in pinks and greens or translucent colors. If glow is selected we will do our best to ensure the quality of the prodcut, but cannot guarantee effectiveness.

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